Types of Product Photography

Photographic guides on several types of product photography. When it comes to marketing your products, product photography types are crucial. Product photography aims to highlight the product’s best qualities to improve sales and increase revenue for your company. Classes can include employing a cheap smartphone camera or an expensive DSLR camera. This blog article will cover three different types of product photography, so read on to learn more!

Types of Product Photography

The following list includes product photography types.

Type#1: Clean & Un-styled Product Photograph

When people think of product photography, they typically picture this kind of photography, which is quite prevalent with e-commerce companies.

Clean & In-styled Product Photography

This fashion is frequently referred to as “Hero Shot.” It displays the product without any styling or props against a simple background. The objective is to give prospective buyers a clear picture of the goods so they can decide whether they want to acquire them.

Type#2: Macro Product Photography

Macro Product Photography

When you photograph an object up close or macro, just a very small portion of the image really shows the item being photographed. This enables you to focus more on demonstrating the capabilities of your product to your potential consumers while deflecting attention away from any problems they may perceive.

Type#3: Reveal Product Photograph

Used or refurbished goods are frequently sold in e-commerce stores utilizing this style of product photography. When using reveal product photography, the goal is only to include the actual product in the image if it is necessary because it might be too damaged or scratched for potential buyers to be interested in purchasing it. Instead, utilize additional styling or props to make the object look beautiful in the picture without drawing attention to itself.

Type#4: Lifestyle Product Photography

Lifestyle Product Photography

Lifestyle product photography is frequently used for items like clothing, furniture, or appliances intended to be utilized in daily life. This kind of product photography aims to portray the thing as it is used. There are several ways to accomplish this, but the most popular is using the product in a typical environment.

Type#5: Still Life Product Photography

Still Life Product Photography

For jewelry or cosmetics that don’t have a real-life analog, still-life product photography is frequently used. There are jewelry lightboxes on the market; therefore, I suggest employing photo lightboxes for better picture outcomes. With still-life product photography, the objective is to make your product appear as though it is lying on a table in front of the camera. You may get curious about how you accomplish this.

Type#6: Product Packshot Photography

Product Packshot Photography

The purpose of this kind of product photography, which primarily uses studio lighting, is to emphasize all of a product’s qualities. The goal is to clarify precisely what the product accomplishes and who would want to purchase it.

Type#7: Product Action Shot Photography

Product Action Shot Photography

Although this kind of product photography frequently uses studio lighting, it demonstrates to potential customers how to utilize your product rather than just how it looks.

Type#8: Product Detail Photography

Product Detail Photography

The objective of this kind of product photography, which employs higher-quality studio lighting, is to provide potential customers with as much information as possible about your product so they can decide whether it is worth purchasing.

Type#9: 360 Product Photography

360 Product Photography

For e-commerce companies that sell many intricate things, this new trend in product photography is terrific since it gives potential customers a realistic view of what those products would appear like from all angles.

Type#10: Commercial Product Photography

Commercial Product Photography

Bright lighting is used in this form of product photography, and the objective is to highlight the qualities that make your product unique so that consumers will be compelled to take another look and purchase it.

Type#11: Editorial Product Photography

Editorial Product Photography

While it still uses bright lighting, this style of product photography also includes expert styling and photo retouching. This design would work well for blogs or magazines who want to highlight your product as a fascinating article about a recent style or trend.

Type#12: How-To Product Photography

Bright lighting is used in product photography, which is particularly popular on lifestyle sites and provides an exciting look at how to use your goods. This format would also be excellent if you wanted to provide detailed instructions or pointers for utilizing your product.

Type#13: Product Placement Photography

Product Placement Photography

This shot uses motion or still-life photography and has an attractive setting, similar to lifestyle product photos. This kind of product photography aims to display your product in a particular environment where it will be used.

Type#14: Product Stock Photography

Product Stock Photography

Bright lighting and studio backgrounds are used in this style of product photography, which differs significantly from the others. Businesses that want to use your images on their websites, brochures, or other media should adopt this design.

Type#15: 3D Product Rendering

3D Product Rendering

Because it enables you to generate a three-dimensional representation of your goods that potential customers can examine from all angles, this kind of product photography is excellent for firms who want to develop an online catalog of their products.

Type#16: Product Catalog Photography

Product Catalog Photography

This style of product photography is similar to the one before it. Still, instead of emphasizing studio lighting and backgrounds, it employs natural light and shows off actual settings where your product might be used.

Type#17: Product Brochure Photography

Although there is less emphasis on the goods in this form of product photography, it is similar to catalog photography. Bright studio lighting is often used to make your interests stand out and look their finest.

Type#18: E-commerce Product Photography

This kind of product photography is created especially for Internet shops, and it frequently includes essential studio lighting and a plain backdrop. This design would be ideal for new online companies that need some product photographs that look professional to draw clients.

Type#19: Mini Product Photography

This style of product photo emphasizes the item’s actual size while highlighting any design elements you want your customers to notice using studio lighting backdrops. This design would be ideal for usage in publications like magazines or online shops that wish to highlight the actual size of your goods.

Type#20: Cosmetics Product Photography

The features of your cosmetic products, such as beauty palettes, brushes, mirrors, and everything else you have to offer, are highlighted in this style of product shot. Businesses that wish to present their entire line of cosmetics professionally would benefit significantly from this look.

Type#21: Food Product Photography

Food photography is product photography that is specifically made for food products. It often has intense studio lighting and a white backdrop. Restaurants or food businesses who want to present their products professionally should use this design. You can also use lightboxes to improve your food photography

Type#22: Product Packshot Photography

A modest studio lighting setup and a plain white or black backdrop are typical elements of this product photo, created explicitly for product packaging. Any business that wishes to develop an online catalog of its products should use this design.

Type#23: Fashion Product Photography

This kind of product photo is specially made for clothing items and frequently includes vibrant backgrounds and imaginative studio lighting. Businesses that want to present their newest fashion products polishedly should choose this design.

Type#24: Product Portrait Photography

This kind of product shot is specially made for items with faces or distinctive designs, and it frequently includes straightforward studio lighting and a plain white photographic backdrop. Businesses who want to exhibit their products artistically should use this design


Knowing more about the various product photography styles will help you choose the one that will work best for your company. Remember that every form of photo has unique advantages, so pick the one that will highlight your products the most. You can boost sales and attract new clients with the appropriate product photographs.

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