Corporate Photography Tips

Corporate Photography Tips! corporate photography tips is a section of Photography Tips where I would be sharing various photography tips. These articles are shared based on my experience and are meant for people who are passionate about photography. It can help you master the art of clicking amazing photographs.

In this article, we will discuss a few tips that will help you to click better scenes in any type of corporate photography. 

Corporate Photography Tips

1. Hire a Good Photographer

I think this is the most important factor in any type of corporate photography. You can take your own shots but if you don’t have creative ideas it will be hard for you to click a great image. Also, if still, images are not appealing, people won’t trust your company and brand. So, hire a professional photographer if you cannot click good shots.

2. Arrange your Equipment

Ensure that all the types of equipment are working properly before starting to shoot. Dismantle your tripod and clean it properly as dirt can create blurred images in some cases. However, on-site corporate photography will depend upon what type of equipment you are using. Let’s see what type of equipment’s we use for on-site corporate photography-

  • Cameras

DSLR or Mirrorless cameras would be the best choice as it provides more flexibility and control over your shots. If budget is not a constraint then definitely go with expensive ones like Canon 5D Mark III, Nikon D7100, etc. However, you can go with basic DSLRs also if budget is a constraint.

  • Tripod

Tripods are must-have equipment in any type of photography as it helps us to click sharp images even in low light conditions. It will provide stability to your camera while clicking shots. So, always use a tripod and ensure that you take good care of it. This will provide stability to your camera and also avoid any unwanted blur in images.

  • Lenses

Make sure that lenses are clean and free from dust before using them. Always carry a micro-fiber cloth in your bag for cleaning lenses, cameras and etc. Also, use small bags to store lenses while traveling. Always carry an extra battery with you to avoid any problem during shoots.

  • Flash

Flash is another important piece of equipment that is used in corporate photography. If you are using DSLR’s then you should use an external flash unit as it will provide greater light output than your camera’s built-in flash system. Ensure that batteries are fully charged and should be used carefully to avoid problems during shoots. Always check the settings of your flash before shooting as you cannot change the lighting system in the middle of a shoot.

  • Other accessories

It will help you to keep everything under control during corporate photography. So, always carry spare batteries, memory cards, microfiber cloths, etc while going for a shoot.

3. Keep Your Camera on Tripod

This is one of the most important tips to click great images. As we have discussed earlier that tripod provides stability to your camera and ensures sharpness in images. So, use a tripod for clicking any type of corporate photography as it will help you to achieve good results. It will provide stability to your camera and you can click good images in any type of light conditions. Always use a tripod when there is low or no light available.

4. Keep the Subject Away from Direct Sunlight

In order to achieve good results during corporate photography, always keep the subject away from direct sunlight. This will help you to avoid over-exposure to images. It is always good to click pictures in the open shade as it will provide more brightness and less shadow in images. You can also use reflectors during shoots to avoid overexposure and shadows on your subject’s face.

5. Post-production

This is one of the most important factors as people like to see edited shots only, not the originals. So, always make sure that you are using post-production software like Adobe Photoshop lightroom, etc to edit your images on the computer before sharing them on social media sites.

6. Lighting 

This is one of the most important factors while shooting any type of corporate photography. Overexposure and shadows are the main problems that usually occur during shooting. So, always use flash or reflectors to avoid overexposure and shadows on your subject’s face. You can also go to open shade areas where the intensity of sunlight is low during corporate shoots.

7. Compose Images Properly 

Always compose your shots perfectly before taking them as it ensures that you will get good results. Always look at your subject from different angles as you can capture a lot of shots using the cut and paste method to get good results. So, keep experimenting with the angles and compositions while shooting corporate photography to achieve great results.

8. Props 

It is always good to use props during corporate shoots because it helps you to bring a personal touch between you and the subject. So, always carry necessary props like books, laptops, stationery, etc to make your shots interesting.

9. Keep it Natural

Always keep your corporate photoshoot as natural as you can without overdoing things to avoid over-exposure in images. Try to capture real moments with less posing because this will help you to get good and natural results. So, always try to click interesting images using different poses and angles during corporate shoots to get the best results.

10. Keep Practicing

Always keep practicing these tips by shooting models or your colleagues at the workplace because it will help you to improve your skills in photography day by day. Practice makes a man perfect so if you.


In conclusion, corporate photography can be a great way to promote your business and increase brand awareness. However, it is important to carefully plan and execute your photos in order to get the best results. By following these tips, you can create stunning and professional images that will help you reach your business goals.

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