4 Best Light Box for Jewelry Photography 2022

Best Light Box for Jewelry Photography: Whether you want to upload it on your website, social media profile, or share send to customers, capturing a poor quality image is no longer acceptable. We are living in a digital age where you have to capture high-quality photographs to get the most out of them. An image with poor quality resolution, lighting, or blurry background can cause serious damage to your business.

Unfortunately, when we compare the online representation of jewelry with other small products is very poor. Experts believe that jewelry needs a highly visual experience, and you can’t get it without the best lightbox for jewelry photography. As compared to other small products, jewelry needs exceptional lighting conditions to bring an elegant piece of jewelry to life. Such lighting conditions require a mixture of soft, diffused lights at color-corrected temperatures, backdrops, and reflectors. In simple, you can get all qualities by getting the best lightbox for jewelry photography.

Best Light Box for Jewelry Photography



Dimensions Inches

Color Temperature






13.4 x 12.2 x 1.6 


410 g

13.4 x 10.9 x 2.0


289 g

10.4 x 9.5 x 2.0


300 g

1 – PULUZ Photo Studio– Best lightbox for product photography

PULUZ Photo Studio Bestlightbox for_product photography removebg-preview (1)


Quick Features

  • 5500K color temperature
  • 2 Superlight cool white LED board
  • 6 Background Papers 
  • Multi-angle shooting

This large photo lightbox is excellent for taking high-quality pictures such as jewelry, watches, and digital products. One of the best features of this lightbox product photography is a multi-angle shooting option. You can easily choose different angles to capture attractive photography. Its front window, along with the front hole, supports a horizontal shooting, whereas the top window is made for 90 degrees vertical shooting.

This photography tent is super easy to install and store. Its folding design takes only 30 seconds to provide you with convenient storage and transportation. You can enjoy six different colors of water and wrinkle-resistant backdrops, including red, green, white, black, orange, and blue. The bright lights are attached to Velcro which is convenient to move around.

Pros & Cons


  • Adjustable light intensity
  • Velcro is easy to unfold and assemble
  • Folding feature for easy transportation and storing
  • Moving plate lamp design
  • Reflective fabrics


  • Expensive as compared to other lightboxes

2 – Neewer 12×12 Inches Portable Photo StudiohftNeewer 12x12 Inches Portable Photo Studio


Quick Features

  • 6500K Color temperature
  • Waterproof and crease-resistant material
  • Foldable design
  •  The powerful LED light strip

Featuring one powerful LED light strip to emit even and average lighting along with preventing reflections and shadows on the photographs, this professional small photography lightbox offers adequate brightness for shooting. It comes with a USB cable that can be used to charge the lightbox via various devices, including personal computers, mobile power, laptop, or any device with a USB port.

Weighing only 410 grams, it offers convenient installation with nylon fasten tape. The size is small, compact, and foldable for effortless carrying. Whether you are looking to capture high-quality images of jewelry, watches, or other small items, this portable photo studio is an excellent option for your needs. Last but not least, the four-color backgrounds (blue, white, green, black) provide various color options to shoot your desired products.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy installation
  • Easy to fold and carry
  • Four color backdrops
  • Easy to clean
  • Prevents unnecessary reflections and shadows


  • No light adjustments

3 – Nezababy 9×9 Photo Light Box– Best Portable mini photography lightbox


Nezababy 9x9 Photo Light Box removebg preview (1)



Quick Features

  • 5500K color temperature
  • Multi-angle Shooting
  • 6 Pcs EVA backdrops
  • Dimmable Power

An easy to assemble lightbox with 3 temperature modes, including warm, cool, and regular, this box is a perfect choice for enhancing your products’ appearance. The fabric that covers the lightbox has a durable design. Whether you want to use it for indoor photography or want to take it for outdoor photography, this small photo lightbox is very convenient to assemble and carry.

It also has 72 high-quality beads to provide arm light, warm white light, and white light with 10 brightness levels. The 6 Pcs EVA backdrops (blue, red, green, yellow, white, and black) allow you to choose the best one for your product. Another great aspect of this Portable mini photography lightbox is multiple shooting angles. Openings on the top and in the front of the tent give excellent perspectives and angles to show the jewelry at its best.

Pros & Cons


  • 10-Level dimmable brightness switch
  • Easy to install and carry
  • Inexpensive
  • Adjustable brightness and light colors
  • Best for beginners


  • None

4 – YOTTO Photo Studio Light Box

YOTTO Photo Studio Light Box removebg-preview (1)


Quick Features

  • 6500k Color temperature
  • 3 color temperature modes
  • 6 color backdrops

A mini lightbox with versatile features, this YOTTO photo studio is another perfect pick for capturing flawless small product photographs. You can easily adjust the brightness from 10% to 100% by utilizing different light sources. The best thing about the color temperature is that it can be switched arbitrarily. It has three modes, including white light, warm light, and soft, to fulfill your photography needs.

Overall, this best lightbox for jewelry is easy to assemble due to its lightweight. You don’t need any rod, connector, tube, or glue to assemble this mini photo lightbox. Its 6 color backdrops (white, black, green, blue, red, and yellow) are anti-wrinkle and waterproof. The dimmable light works perfectly to add depth to the beauty products. Last but not least, you can use this best small lightbox with your smartphone, camera, tablet, or any smart device.

Pros & Cons


  • Comes with multi-functional switch
  • Waterproof and anti-wrinkle color backdrops
  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjustable light
  • Best for beauty products


  • None

Choosing the best Light Box for Jewelry Photography

Choosing the best one from available options depend on various important factors. Take a look at some of these aspects that can help you choose the perfect one for Jewelry photography.

Built-in Lighting

Though almost every lightbox has this feature, you should choose the one with three points lighting along with 5500K daylight balanced LEDs in the best jewelry photo lightbox. If you are looking to get rid of unnecessary shadows or the built-in lights are not bright enough then you can buy an additional tabletop LED light stand to make the background whiter and pure.

Manufacturing Material

The materials differ in texture, density, and reflective features. The ideal material for a jewelry box background is dense white paper to prevent ugly lines.


Sometimes you need to capture photographs of your jewelry and other accessories to add a touch to class. That’s you should consider the portability features in your jewelry photo lightbox. It should be easy to fold and assemble. Don’t choose the one with complex metal wireframes if you want to use it for portability.


A lightbox is made to diffuse light over the product. Therefore, you need a larger lightbox to cover the larger subject. However, for jewelry photography, an 18-inch box is good enough to capture high-quality photographs of small products.


Lighting is the key to capturing high-quality photographs. Without proper lighting setup, the whole aesthetic of the photo could be shifted to something unwanted. You can easily find a variety of lights on the market, so, it is important to select the best lightbox for jewelry photography to get the most out of your accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best lighting for Jewelry photography?

Typically, diffuse (soft) lighting is ideal for jewelry photography.

  1. What is the best color to display jewelry?

The ideal color to display jewelry is black, especially when the jewelry is gold and silver.

  1. How to photograph a necklace?

Try to leave a decent amount of space between the background and the jewelry. Make sure to have proper room to position the light to the side and behind the necklace.