Best Light Box for Tracing – Artists Light Boxes – Reviews and Buying Guide

Every calligrapher, animator, architect, and other artist knows the importance of a lightbox.  Tracing or drawing without the best lightbox is almost impossible. From animation to sketching, tracing, and more, there is nothing better than a versatile lightbox. Far distinctive from chunky fluorescent lightboxes, modern gadgets offer ultra-convenient operation with millimeter thickness, consistent light out, and offering adjustable brightness to allow you to make your desired sketches. Whether you are a beginner looking to buy the best light boxes for tracing for the first time or an expert tracer who want to replace your old lightbox with a modern one loaded with versatile features, these top 10 lightbox selection will surely help you to find a perfect match for your needs.

Top 10 Best Light Boxes for Tracing – Feature Comparison



Dimensions Inches




26.3 x 19.5 x 0.3

2.1 KG


12.6 x 2.6 x 15.2

0.21 KG


15.6 x 11.8 x 0.2

0.73 KG


9.4 x 1.4 x 13.4

1.0 KG


1.4 x 15.7 x 12.0

0.68 KG


16.9 x 11.4 x 1.5

1.28 KG


14.1 x 10.6 x 0.2

0.63 KG


List of Best Light Boxes for Tracing – The Review

1. US ART SUPPLY® Lightmaster® Jumbo 32.5″ Diagonal Extra Large Lightbox

US ART SUPPLY® Lightmaster® Jumbo 32.5″ Diagonal Extra Large Lightbox


Quick Features

  • Ultra-Thin Light Tracing Pad
  • Flicker-Free L.E.D. Lamps
  • Dimmable Touch Button Technology
  • Available in 4 sizes

If you are looking for a professional lightbox with excellent features, then this US ART SUPPLY® Lightmaster® Jumbo 32.5″ Diagonal Extra Large Lightbox is made for you. A perfect choice for bigger jobs, this tracing light box offers a large work surface with its compact and lightweight design.

A versatile lightbox for all styles of tracing, this lightbox is the perfect choice for quilters, tattoo artists, animators, scrapbookers, and many others. Featuring a low profile thickness of 3/8” and dimmable touch button technology, the unit allows you to conveniently use it on your desktop.

Big enough for a double-page spread and also ideal for small tracing jobs; the lightbox is super versatile for multiple jobs. Also, the company claims that its high-quality LED lamps can last 50,000 hours without causing any inconvenience. Other notable features include a free measuring overlay grid, one circle template, and a one-year manufacturer warranty.

Pros & Cons


  • Designed for easy portability
  • Super Bright LED lamps
  • 1-year warranty
  • Large working surface
  • Affordable price


  • Sensitive touch switch

2. Artograph LightTracer Light Box For Artists

Artograph LightTracer Light Box


Quick Features

  • Comfortable slanted work surface
  • 6500K color temperature
  • Brilliant LED illumination
  • Built-in storage tray

A unique lightbox that comes in a desktop-style box shape, this best tracing lightbox is much more compact and modern as compared to typical LED pads. It features an elegant slanted work surface (10” x 12”). You can work on a desk but with a lightweight, small and portable lightbox.

An ideal lightbox for tracing, this model offers strong light to handle any type of paper, including cardstock. Due to its compact size, it fits a piece of 18” x 11” paper but can be used with smaller pieces without any slipping or moving around. This high-quality product is manufactured in the USA and will surely last for a long time.

Also, it can handle a beating without breaking is offered in a nice box with a handle. The storage is effortless with its compact and lightweight design. Featuring a built-in storage tray, this tracing lightbox comes with a 12-volt adapter.

Pros & Cons


  • Small enough for tight workplaces
  • Made in the USA
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • No assembly required
  • Great quality and construction


  • Great quality and construction

3. GAMMON B4 Size LED Light Box

GAOMON B4 Size LED Light Box


Quick Features

  • Eye Protection Technology
  • Color Temperature: 8000-10000K
  • Memory Function
  • Adjustable Brightness

An excellent lightbox for kids to learn and enjoy, this tool is good for a tattoo, copy professional in Anime, tracing, fabric design, copy copybook, DSLR film scamming, and quilting. The brightness can be easily adjusted after connecting the power supply.

One handy feature of this best lightbox for tracing is the smart memory function. This function keeps the brightness of your last use, which means you don’t need to adjust the brightness when using it again. All you need is to tap the power switch located on the panel to open or close the lightbox.

Featuring a special acrylic surface, this ultra-thin light pad looks like a glass panel but is stronger than glass. It is perfectly resistant to stress and be wear-resisting. The tracing lightbox also has an adopted eye-protected technology to protect your eyesight during prolonged use.

Powered by USB connectivity, it has 6.6 feet micro USB cable which can be connected to a power bank, computer, and USB plug. All the edges of the pad are treated with rounded corners for additional security, which makes it safe for kids and convenient to carry around while traveling.

Pros & Cons


  • Best choice for kids
  • Adopted Eye-Protected technology
  • Smart brightness memory
  • Special acrylic surface
  • Comes with 2 Meter Micro USB cable


  • No adapter included

4. XP-Pen 18″ LED Light Table

XP-Pen 18″ LED Light Table.

Quick Features

  • Adjustable Brightness
  • Fully collapsible design
  • 5052 aluminum alloy manufacturing
  • USB-powered

One of the best performers with long-lasting Led lights, the XP-Pen LED light table mitigates heat dramatically to improve the life of the product. Featuring 14”x 10” size, it leaves enough room for a standard sheet of A4 paper on the screen’s background.

Just hold the button located in the back of the lightbox to adjust the screen brightness. Another fabulous feature is the smart memory feature that memorizes your previous brightness settings. Manufactured from 5052 aluminum allow, the tracing light box is mechanically polished, anodized, and sand-blasted to create a durable, stable, light, and portable stand.

If you are looking for a tracing lightbox to draw big drawings, then this XP-Pen is an excellent choice for you. There is a handy stand with a non-slip pad. You can easily adjust the hinges to modify the tilt of the lightbox for drawing at an angle.

Pros & Cons


  • Sleek design
  • Durable construction
  • Best for large drawings
  • Compact and lightweight
  • No slip pad for the tablet


  • Plastic base

5. Huion L4S LED Light Box

Huion L4S LED Light Box

Quick Features

  • Eyesight-protected Technology
  • Stepless Adjustable Brightness
  • Color Temperature: 8000-10000K

Featuring only 5.1mm, this super-thin portable tracing lightbox is a great tool for a wide variety of tracing projects. It comes with a special eye protection technology to prevent you from getting sore and tired eyes after prolonged tracing sessions.

Another excellent feature of this Huion model is its adjustable light. You can gradually adjust the brightness with the touch-sensitive button. Also, the smart memory function remembers your previous settings when you restart the device.

The lightbox features a durable acrylic surface that looks like glass and has a crystal clear appearance. It can perfectly shine through different papers, even some types of cardstock. You can charge this USB-powered lightbox using a USB cable from any USB plug, computer, and power bank. Last but not least, the product is backed by a one-year manufacturer warranty.

Pros & Cons


  • Modern and efficient lightbox
  • Durable acrylic surface
  • Super thin design
  • One year warranty
  • Touch switch design


  • Some complaint about customer service

6. A4 LED Light Box Tracer- Best Light Box for artists.

A4 LED Light Box Tracer Best Light box for artists

Quick Features

  • Color temperature 2800K-12000K
  • 3 Color modes
  • USB Powered
  • Product weight 2.84 pounds

Featuring 3 color modes, including warm, warm white, and cold white, this is an excellent choice for artists. The lightbox is controlled with the touch, and the color temperature can be adjusted from 2800K-12000K easily. It has 0.2-inch thickness with an ultra-lightweight of only 2.84 lbs; this super slim light table comes with a great portable design.

The LED lightbox features an even illustrated surface along with an energy-efficient flicker. There is also a smart touch IC chip in the LGP for the led tracing board. It offers a brightness memory feature when continuous power. The smart touch sensor switch design helps to adjust the brightness conveniently according to different needs.

A perfect choice for 2D animation, scrapbooking, embossing, fabric design, tattoo drawing, diamond painting, sketching, and many others, this best lightbox for artists is USB powered. A single USB cable can be powered by a USB wall charger, power bank, computer, and other USB-compatible devices. Last but not least, it comes with four magnets to fix paper while drawing.

Pros & Cons


  • Smart Touching
  • Durable acrylic structure
  • Best choice for artists
  • Portable and super slim design
  • Comes with bright adjustments


  • Not consistent colors

7. LITENERGY Portable A4 Tracing LED Copy Board Light Box

LITENERGY Portable A4 Tracing LED Copy Board Light Box

Quick Features

  • Stepless Brightness Control
  • Mitsubishi Acrylic panel
  • Sensor touch button design
  • Ultra-bright LED

The A4 portable LED lightbox by LitEnergy is one of the best budget options on the list with excellent performance. Weighing only 680grams with 14.2”x10.6” size, the tracing lightbox comes with a handy one-year manufacturer warranty along with a straightforward return policy.

The touch switch design allows you to power on/off with a gentle touch of your finger. You need to touch the smart switch to adjust the brightness level according to your needs. Thanks to the advanced eyesight protection technology, you can use this tracing lightbox for long tracing sessions.

Other excellent features of this super-thin tracing lightbox are the Stepless brightness control (0-100) along with the memory function. It remembers the previous brightness settings when you restart the device. This USB-powered tracer lightbox has a one-piece USB power cable, which allows you to connect to the power bank, computer, and USB adaptor.

Pros & Cons


  • Smart Memory Feature
  • Touch Switch design
  • Sleek and portable design
  • Flicker-Free and Radiation free
  • One year warranty


  • No power adapter

Buying Guide to Select The Best Light Boxes for Tracing

Before you make a decision, consider these key factors in selecting an ideal match for your skill level and requirements.

1. Power Source

There are three types of power sources commonly used in modern lightboxes.

  • Battery
  • Stand Outlet (AC adapter)
  • USB

Battery-powered lightboxes are best for those artists who are looking to sketch only in the classroom, on occasion, or completely disconnected in nature. Battery-powered or the best portable lightboxes offer ease of use and unlimited maneuverability.

AC-powered light boxes are popular for producing more consistent and non-flickering results. They are ideal for professionals who want to use a lightbox for more than eight hours per day.

If you are concerned about flexibility, USB-powered light boxes for tracing can be a perfect match for your needs. You can conveniently switch between a USB/AC adapter, power bank, and a computer.

So, it is important to think before making a purchase that how you will use the tracing lightbox.

2. Weight

Weight is one essential factor to consider when buying a lightbox for tracing. If you are going to use it professionally, it is significant to choose the lightweight lightbox as you will be traveling with it most of the time. Typically, the weight of a tracing light box remains between 3 to 10 lbs.

3. Light Adjustment Range

When it comes to brightness, most manufacturers offer up to three different adjustment settings. It mainly depends on the kind of paper/surface you are working with. For those painters or watercolorists working on a thick Bristol sheet or 140 lb watercolor paper, a tracing lightbox should be bright enough to pass through a paper for an effortless working experience.

4. Scratch Resistance

If you are looking for vinyl welding, architectural design, or another craft that needs you to cut the light pad surface, don’t forget to consider a scratch-resistant option. These models can serve for a long time without causing any display issues.

5. Box Dimensions

These Lightboxes are available in different sizes, including A2, A3, and A4. But the most popular option is A4 boxes. However, all these sizes are best for tracing and sketching needs.

6. Surface Size

The selection of surface size depends on the scale of drawings you want to do. Within the world of lightboxes, you can find that they go to modern 6-inch x 9-inch surfaces and also too much more sizable 18-inch x 24-inch surfaces.

It is wise to check your past drawings to decide which one will work best for you. For those who are want to buy a tracing lightbox for sketch drawings, a small surface is an excellent choice. Whereas, on the other hand, if you are an animator or looking to buy a sensory table for kids, then choose the lightboxes with a large surface area.

7. Budget

You can easily find the best lightbox for artists from $50 to $500. The price depends on the size and features of the lightbox. You don’t need to invest a high amount for buying because there are many affordable light boxes for tracing available on the market. All you need is to select the best one according to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1. What are artists’ lightboxes, and what are they used for?

A lightbox is a flat art workplace with built-in illumination. The light produced by them illuminates the patterns on the template paper, which helps artists to transfer them to another paper.

2. What are the power sources of tracing light boxes?

There are three types of power sources used in tracing lightboxes that include AC powered, battery-powered, and USB powered.

3. Are artist’s light boxes dangerous for the eyes?

The risk of damage depends on the intensity and type of light. If a light pad has an adjustable LED light, then the risk is significantly lower, but if the light comes from an incandescent bulb, the risks are higher.

4. Our photo lightboxes for tracing expensive?

It mainly depends on your skill level and usage to spend money on photo lightboxes. For instance, a professional artist wants some quality features, so they have to spend some extra money. But for beginners or hobbyists, there are many lightboxes available at a low price.

5. What type of projects can be done with a lightbox?

Lightboxes for tracing are famous with quilters, animators, diamond art painters, and watercolorists. Whether for drawing or tracing, a lightbox is a great addition to any artist’s studio.

Final Words: Lightboxes for Artists

An artist always looks for a lightbox to help him without straining. However, find the best lightbox for tracing can be a tricky task because of the available choices on the market. Don’t make it a complicated task because you can choose a perfect match by considering your needs and budget. Never decide in a hurry. Take your time, consider all available options, and then buy the best one for your needs.