Backgrounds for Jewelry Photography 

Backgrounds for Jewelry Photography! Jewelry Backgrounds are a must for any jewelry photography. Backgrounds can be the difference between an e-commerce site with bland, generic photos and one that looks professional and eye-catching. Backgrounds need to compliment your product without taking away from it or being too obtrusive. This article will review some of the best backgrounds for photographing jewelry, what you should look for in the background, how to use them properly, and more!

When choosing a background for jewelry photos, you should mind certain nuances. Each type of jewelry requires the right kind of surface that is capable to highlight it without overpowering any details in your photo and will not make them difficult or impossible to see clearly through all elements because they may be too busy with other things behind them such as surfaces like walls etc.

Backgrounds for Jewelry Photography

1. Use Classical White Backgrounds

A white background is the most popular choice for product photography because it allows people to focus on specific details. This doesn’t distract from what you’re selling, so your attention stays with this item instead of straying elsewhere as easily!

1. Use Classical White Backgrounds

Using the window and reflectors to light your subject is a great way of ensuring that both you, as well as any other objects in the frame will be lit equally. This helps create an even background for those behind the camera without using excessive fill or shadows from harsh lighting techniques like flash photography which can give off too much glare on its own accord!

2. Black Backgrounds for Moody Photos

Jewelry photography can be challenging, but it’s easier when you have the right tools. A black background helps to create dramatic looks for colorful stones or pieces with transparent inserts like brilliantine and pianist without washing out their colors in this delicate setting that also preserves neutrality.

Black Backgrounds for Moody Photos

Jewelry photographers should consider using these backgrounds if they want an elegant yet eye-catching result! You only need two flashes of light to create the ideal black jewelry background. You should position your product and camera about 0.5 meters (1 Yard) away from a dark area or one that can be sketchily lit without producing glares on it.

3. Alternative Grey Background

When you’re looking for an elegant background to your jewelry photography, it’s important that the colors don’t compete with or overpowereer each piece of bling. A grey seamless cloth will not only provide just enough contrast against candle-like lights but also keep everything in focus without stealing any attention away from its centerpiece – which is what every good photographer wants! 

3. Alternative Grey Background

If you want to get a nice grey background for jewelry pictures, the best option is to use one of the first lightings setups. Be sure that in this case only certain parts are lit up and darken other areas where there aren’t any lights or sources behind them. Clean your pieces well so they have an even appearance with less clutter on-screen while also enhancing colors through Lightroom adjustments if necessary as well!

4. Original Gradient Background 

4. Original Gradient Background

A gradient background highlights the jewelry details, and it’s all about where you place your item on this lightest part. You can also use additional colors to make an eye-catching design if needed – just be careful not to put more emphasis on any color other than what we’re talking about here with blue stones for example (since blues are often featured).

5. Gold Background for the Most Expensive Jewelry

Gold jewelry backgrounds can be very effective in advertising photos because they show off shiny metal and colorful gems. The best time to use this type of background would be when you’re photographing expensive pieces that have big stones since it will highlight these features beautifully without overwhelming viewers.

5. Gold Background for the Most Expensive Jewelry

With too much detail or colorfulness on their own account. It’s important not only for your advertisement shots but also whenever capturing rich-looking bangles/bracelets etc., so make sure there’s lightness across all elements within each piece!

6. Colorful Lines for Bright Images  

Colorful Lines for Bright Images

The best way to show off your beautiful pieces is by using a background that will create an interesting and creative image. For bright jewelry photos, use colors different from what you are focusing on in order for it to stand out more prominently against them!

7. Use Bokeh as Your Background 

Use Bokeh as Your Background

Glowing jewelry against a colorful background is an excellent way to make your photos come alive. The brighter and more contrasty the image, the better! If you want this type of dramatic effect for tiny pieces without any precious stones try using something bright like hot pink or green instead so it doesn’t overwhelm whatever else might be in focus within each individual photo.

8. Use Natural Backgrounds 

Use Natural Backgrounds

To get more original photos, use natural textures like big green leaves or bright flowers. These backgrounds are perfect for personal blogs and social network sites because they will absolutely attract viewers’ attention! They also work with any jewelry type from delicate necklaces to chunky bracelets.

9. Graphite Background for Exquisite Jewelry 

Graphite Background for Exquisite Jewelry

This jewelry photography prop is a great addition to any photo shoot. The unique design and vibrant colors make it stand out in the background, while also lending itself well as an interesting focal point for all of your accessories!

10. Use Wooden Backgrounds

The use of a wooden background highlights any jewelry making the shot more realistic. The picture will be interesting to viewers because they can notice wood fibers only after looking closely at what you’re wearing, which in this case are earrings and necklaces!

Use Wooden Backgrounds

I like using such backgrounds with my pieces – it really makes them stand out against their surroundings when seen from afar (or even up close).

11. Book for Cute Jewelry 

Use Bokeh as Your Background

Cute and small jewelry is a perfect accessory for your fashion-forward personality. Use the pages from this book as background if you want to make unique pieces, especially with its complex designs! You can use a Photo light Box for better results of jewelry photography.


In conclusion, choosing the right background for jewellery photography is crucial in creating stunning and impactful images. The experience should complement the jewellery piece while allowing it to stand out and shine. Various options, such as plain backgrounds, textured surfaces, or natural settings, can be used depending on the desired effect. Experimenting with different locations can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the jewellery and attract potential customers. So, next time you photograph your jewellery pieces, carefully select a background that will enhance their beauty and make them truly shine.

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