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I'm Jack, a product photography expert with a strong foundation from California Baptist University. Currently, I write for PhotoLightBoxes, specializing in photo light boxes, and I'm passionate about sharing photography tips. Join me on Instagram and Pinterest to explore the art of product photography.

How to Take Pictures of Food Professionally

How to Take Pictures of Food Professionally! Food photography is a popular and often time challenging genre of photography. It can be difficult to create a striking photo that will convey the taste, texture, and appearance of the food in the dish. There are many different tips and tricks for taking great food photos that […]

How to Build a Light Table for Drawing

How to Build a Light Table for Drawing! Have you ever wondered how professional artists achieve such precise and intricate sketches? The answer lies in their secret weapon – a light table! This game-changing tool enables artists to seamlessly overlay reference images onto their work surface, making capturing intricate details and ensuring accurate proportions easier

How to Take Pictures of Clothes

How to Take Pictures of Clothes! Clothes are a huge part of how we present ourselves to the world. The way that you dress speaks volumes about how you feel about yourself, how much money you have, and how fashionable you are. It’s hard to find clothes that fit well, but it is even harder

Dark Food Photography Tips

Dark Food Photography Tips! Dark food photography is a type of photography that uses low light to create an atmospheric or suspenseful photo. Food can be a great way to add interest and complexity to your photos, and by using dark light you can make the food look more mysterious and inviting. Dark food photography

Pizza Food Photography

Pizza Food Photography! There’s something about pizza that makes it the perfect food to capture in a photograph. Whether you’re shooting it as part of a photo essay or just trying to capture a moment with your friends, pizza photography is a great way to add some fun and excitement to your images. There are

Landscape Black and White Photography

Landscape Black and White Photography! Landscape black and white photography is a genre of photography that emphasizes the aesthetic qualities of black and white tones. In landscape black and white photography, the subject is typically a natural scene or landscape. Black and white photography can create a feeling of timelessness and serenity that is often

Nail Photography Tips

Nail Photography Tips! We’ve all seen them. Beautiful nails are done with gorgeous nail art! But how does one achieve this? What about photography, how do you photograph them well enough to show off your hard work? I have some tips for you that will help your photographs of your own manis look better and

Corporate Headshot Lighting Setup

Corporate Headshot Lighting Setup! When it comes to crafting the perfect corporate headshot, I’ve discovered that the key to success lies in the art of lighting. As a photographer, I’ve had the privilege of capturing the essence of countless professionals, each with their unique stories and aspirations. Through years of honing my skills, I’ve come

Tips for Interior Photography

Tips for Interior Photography! Interior photography is a form of photography that captures the beauty and elegance of spaces within a building. This can be done by capturing the architecture, decorative elements, and furnishings within the space. Artists who specialize in interior photography often have an eye for detail, making it possible to capture the

How to Take Pictures of Necklaces

How to Take Pictures of Necklaces! Necklaces are one of the most popular types of jewelry. They are great for accentuating your outfit, or as a gift to show someone you care. For anyone who has ever wanted to sell their handmade jewelry or photos of their necklaces, you know how important it is to

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