How to get Adobe Lightroom for free

How to get free Adobe Lightroom! For years, professional photographers have used Adobe Lightroom, a potent picture editing program. It is available for download and use without cost at all! The industry standard for photo editing is Adobe Lightroom. It offers a variety of tools to edit and fine-tune your favorite pictures, like the ability to change a picture’s colors or exposure quickly!

A tool for processing and editing images is called Adobe Lightroom. Both pros and amateurs frequently utilize it to easily edit their photographs in post-production workflow, whether it’s modifying exposure or color tones. And now, thanks to our partners at Adobe, every photographer may benefit from this well-liked software without having to pay a dime!

Adobe Lightroom may have caught your attention. You can edit, store, and manage your images using this software. How awesome would it be to acquire the most recent version of this well-known photo-editing program for nothing? I’ll demonstrate how to achieve that in this article.

Have you considered purchasing Adobe Lightroom? How will you cover the cost? A free trial is one of the finest ways to get your hands on this potent photo-editing program. There are no obligations when signing up for a 30-day free trial; you may end it whenever you choose. Does it sound okay? Read on if you’re interested!

1. Go here to obtain a free 30-day trial of Lightroom.


2. There is another way to get the software if you have an iPhone or iPad!

How to get Adobe Lightroom for free

A skilled photographer may now create superior shots and import photos with lightning speed, thanks to Adobe Lightroom CC! The Lightroom program stores all your photos and enables them to be imported whenever needed. You can continue to edit your photos using Photoshop or Premiere Pro while using Lightroom.

How to get Lightroom Free Trial

The Adobe Lightroom software is easy to download. All you need to do is click here to view their official website, where you may obtain a trial version.

To make everything obvious, here is the illustration. To access the page, click here.

How to get Adobe Lightroom for free

Start your Lightroom Free Trial

If shipping still needs to be completed when the download starts, then the Adobe Lightroom program installation process will be accomplished gratis! Once the establishing process is finished, you can download the trial version, and the seven-day free trial will start when it gets online. There won’t be any restrictions after the test; you can use the software as often as you’d like.

How to get Adobe Lightroom safety

Adobe Lightroom can help you streamline your work processes. If you’re seeking a decent choice, we advise testing out various plans and picking the one that best meets our needs. Take your time before making judgments because there is something to meet every budget. Your choice will impact how well-organized your images are and how quickly they can be developed and published on Facebook or Instagram without sacrificing quality.

Adobe Lightroom Free and Paid Options

Anyone who wishes to modify their digital images should consider Adobe Lightroom. You have a choice of the ensuing plans.

Option 1. Lightroom Plan

This program is for you. With Adobe Lightroom, 1TB of cloud storage, and your portfolio website, you receive the essentials from a market leader who provides social networking tools!

There are two distinct procedures for making payments:

  • 9.99 dollars each month for an annual plan.
  • $119.88/year (prepaid) annual plan.

Option 2. Photography Plan (20 GB)

Lightroom is the go-to app for photographers who want to edit, organize, and share their photographs easily. Its recent prominence as one of the most downloaded apps on the Google Play Store is evidence of this. Because you can always upgrade if necessary, two alternatives are now available with 20GB or 1TB cloud storage space that will fit your demands regardless of what they may be.

There are two options if you buy the 20 GB photography plan.

  • The annual subscription, with a monthly payment of $9.99..
  • A yearly package for $119.88 (paid in advance).

Option 3. Photography Plan (1 TB)

You receive 1TB of cloud storage with the 20GB package. But if it isn’t enough for your requirements and you want an extra terabyte (1000 gigabytes) of space, choose our next plan, which also contains both more affordable options!

There are two options when choosing the 1 TB photography plan.

  • The annual plan, with a regular payment of $19.99/month.
  • Yearly plan for $239.88 (paid in advance).

Option 4. All Creative Cloud Apps

With the capacity to sync and use up to 100GB of cloud storage for data backup and the Adobe Photoshop video editing program, Adobe’s Creative Cloud is a complete package for any creative requirements. Additionally, you will receive Adobe Portfolio benefits for managing your professional life on the website and fonts from the company’s (Adobe) brands.

Payment Schedule

  • The annual plan requires a $52.99/mo payment.
  • Annual (prepaid) package costing $599.88 per year.
  • $79.49/monthly plan available.

Option 5. Lightroom Discount for students and teachers

Have you ever wished you knew how to use Adobe software to edit photos? The “Students and teachers” discount offers discounted costs to the entire student or teacher community. Log on using your student ID from any organization that supports it (such as a school) and complete tests to demonstrate which of those you are! After completing this process, you should have access to 60% off all apps, which translates to significant discounts on Lightroom CC and Photoshop CS6.

You can choose from the following payment options:

  • The annual plan, with a regular payment of $19.99/month.
  • Annual option for $239.88 (paid in advance).

Don’t Use Lightroom Crack

Although pirated software is a challenging problem, customers have found it a simple fix. Privateer download sites are infected with viruses and programmers who will not only install their programs on your computer or give you fragmented programs that, in some cases, can be very difficult to fix yourself because, by this time, they have already made money from these illegal copies of apps! I’ll inform you of certain risks involved in downloading pirated programming:

1. Malware and viruses: Receiving malware and your stolen program is one of the primary causes of contamination in a download. Sites where people can download pirated software frequently, include infected files and infections falsely purported to be one.

2. Zero updates: These private programs may be entirely offline, requiring frequent refreshing. You will only know about new features or material published for your use!

3. No help from Adobe: One of the simplest ways to address any issues with your Adobe programs is to contact Adobe technical support, which is available around the clock. You can only use this function if you have paid for this service because it is only available to subscribers.

4. Breaking down: When a program is compromised, a hacker could alter it inadvertently. This kind of hacking, which makes the software run with the expectation of collateral harm but also restricts other elements of what you were able to accomplish, can occasionally remove some of its capabilities or make features inoperable.

5. It’s illegal: Piracy is a serious issue that poses several challenges for customers. If you don’t want to pay exorbitant bail, stay away from downloading and installing pirated software because it will cost you more in the long run than purchasing genuine products from merchants who have already paid their dues.

Adobe Lightroom Free Alternatives

I have a lot of reasonable solutions for you if you discover that Lightroom does not satisfy your demands or you would like to check out an alternate program first.


An open-source photo editing program with many features and options is called Darktable. Darktables has covered you if you’re seeking more than fundamental tweaks. Whatever computer or gadget you choose will work flawlessly because it is compatible with Linux, Windows, and Macs (pun most definitely intended).

But what distinguishes Marketable from other comparable programs? The community: There are TONNES of tutorials online that show you how to handle anything you can think of with their sophisticated tools, from cropping photos correctly up through post-production methods like color grading and specific Exposure Values), which gives photographers a lot of flexibility.

Luminar 3

Sentients are constantly searching for novel photo-editing techniques. With filters like AI options or even Auto adjustments generated by clever algorithms, the newest edition, Luminar 3, offers various tools that help you efficiently retouch and organize your photographs. This ensures that every photo is ideal!

The user interface was created to be simple enough for anyone to use without prior experience, making getting used to it rapidly as easy as using Lightroom on Adobe Photoshop CC (or any other platform).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I get Adobe Lightroom for free legally?

A1: No, Adobe Lightroom is not available for free legally. It is a paid software, and Adobe offers subscription plans for access.

Q2: Are there any free alternatives to Adobe Lightroom?

A2: Yes, there are free alternatives like Lightroom CC mobile (limited features), Darktable, RawTherapee, and LightZone that offer photo editing capabilities similar to Lightroom.

Q3: Can I use Adobe Lightroom for free during a trial period?

A3: Yes, Adobe provides a free trial period for Lightroom, usually for seven days, allowing you to explore its features before deciding to subscribe.

Q4: Is there a free version of Lightroom specifically for mobile devices?

A4: Adobe offers a free mobile app called “Lightroom CC mobile,” which provides essential photo editing tools. However, premium features require a subscription.

Q5: What are my options for legally obtaining Adobe Lightroom?

A5: You can legally obtain Adobe Lightroom by subscribing to Adobe’s Creative Cloud Photography plan, which includes Lightroom and Photoshop, or by purchasing a standalone license.

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