Flat Lay Clothing Photography Tips

Flat Lay Clothing Photography Tips! Flat lay clothing photography is a creative way to photograph your clothing without having to hang them up or use a hanger. It’s perfect for creating unique and stylish outfits that you can wear in real life. With flat-lay clothing photography, you can take pictures of your clothes lying on the ground or on a table. You can also use props to create more interesting poses. This type of photography is also great for showcasing your wardrobe inside and out. In this article, we will discuss some flat lay clothing photography tips.

Flat Lay Clothing Photography Tips

When shooting flat lay clothing photography, it is important to be mindful of the angles you’re taking and how they will affect the overall composition of your photo. Here are some tips to help ensure that your images look their best:

Tip 1: Table for Photographing Flat Lays

Table for Photographing Flat Lays

When photographing clothing items for a flat lay, it’s important to have a designated space or table to shoot your items on. This will help to create a clean and consistent look in your photographs. In addition, try to use a solid color backdrop or wall when possible. This will help to avoid distractions in the background of your shots. Lastly, it’s helpful to use some props in your photographs to add interest and texture. A few simple props can go a long way in making your shots more interesting.

Tip 2: Use a Tripod to Hold Your Camera

If you’re looking to take your flat-lay clothing photography up a notch, consider using a tripod to hold your camera. Not only will this help to ensure that your photos are sharp and in focus, but it’ll also free up your hands so you can style and arrange your clothes more easily. 

Use a Tripod to Hold Your Camera

When selecting a tripod, be sure to choose one that’s sturdy and can hold your camera’s weight. If you don’t have a tripod of your own, consider renting or borrowing one from a friend. Once you have the tripod set up, experiment with different angles and compositions until you find what works best for you.

Tip 3: Be Sure to Pay Attention to the Lighting

When photographing flat lay clothing, it is important to take into account the lighting. You want the clothing to be the star of the photo, and the lighting to enhance it. There are a few different things you can do to achieve this effect.

One option is to use natural light. This can be done by positioning your subject near a window or by taking advantage of outdoor light. If you are shooting indoors, make sure that the room is well-lit.

You can also use artificial light sources, such as flash or studio lights. When using artificial light, it is important to adjust the intensity and angle so that it does not overpower the subject.

Finally, pay attention to your white balance setting. This will ensure that your photos have consistent colors regardless of the type of light used.

Tip 4: Be Creative With Your Backgrounds

Be Creative With Your Backgrounds

One of the best ways to make your flat lay clothing photography more interesting is to use creative backgrounds. This could be something as simple as a piece of colorful fabric or a pretty patterned paper. If you have a few props around, such as flowers or books, you can also use them to create a more interesting background. Experiment with different colors and textures to see what looks best with your clothes. You can also try using different shooting angles to create different effects. By using creative backgrounds, you can help your clothing photos stand out from the rest.

Tip 5: Make Your Design Complex by Adding Layers

Making your design complex by adding layers can seem like a daunting task, but with a little practice, it becomes second nature. When layering clothes, start with the basic items and build up from there. This will help create a cohesive look and keep the overall design simple.

Another way to make a design complex is by using different textures. For example, pair a soft knit sweater with a pair of rough denim jeans. This combination creates visual interest and helps break up the outfit.

Tip 6: View Closeups for Details

When photographing clothing, it’s important to capture the details. Viewing the clothes close up will help to show off the intricate stitching, patterns, and colors. To get a good flat lay photograph, use a tripod and make sure the camera is level. You may also want to use props such as flowers or books to add interest to the image. Experiment with different angles and compositions until you find what works best for your particular shot. By taking the time to get the details right, you’ll end up with a beautiful photograph that showcases your clothing in the best possible light.

Tip 7: Getting Ready for the Shot

When you’re getting ready for a flat lay clothing photography session, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure the clothing is wrinkle-free and free of stains. You’ll also want to select simple backgrounds that will let the clothes pop. In terms of styling, try to keep it natural and avoid too much clutter. Finally, be sure to have your camera and lighting gear ready to go! With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to create beautiful images of your outfits that will wow your followers.


In conclusion, flat lay clothing photography is a great way to show off your clothes and style. There are a few things to keep in mind when taking these photos, but with a bit of practice, you can create beautiful images that show off your clothes to their best advantage. So get creative and have some fun with your flat lay photos!

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