Black and White Photography Tips

Black and White Photography Tips! Black and white photography is a great way to create an old-fashioned or vintage feel. Black and white photos are also popular for portraits because the lack of color helps emphasize the person’s features. Black and white photographs can be very powerful, but they do require some skill in order to produce good results. 

Black and White Photography Tip

In Black and White photography, you have a lot of creative freedom. Generally speaking, Black and White are all about the contrast between light and dark. Black and white photos are easily recognizable by their starkness, with deep blacks contrasted against bright whites. However, there are some things that can be done to make your Black and White photo more interesting to look at! In this post, I will discuss some tips for making Black and White’s photography stand out from the rest.

Black and White Photography Tips

Here are some tips for taking black and white photos that anyone can use!

Tips #1: Shoot in RAW

First of all, try to shoot in RAW format for maximum adjustment possibilities. Black and White photos are generally underexposed or overexposed which makes them look old and vintage. Shooting in RAW you can adjust them very well later on your computer or notebook.

Tips #2: Don’t Cut  Any  Part

If you shoot a person, don’t cut their head because it looks strange if there is nobody below the neck. But you can crop the picture later yourself so do not worry about that too much.

Tips #3: Try to Imagine

When you shoot landscapes photos, try to imagine which parts of the picture can be cropped later because not everything in your shot is good for a Black and White photo. The viewer’s attention goes to things that are bright or dark so if they are surrounded by other colors they will draw the eye more than the surrounding things.

Tips #4: Avoid shooting light

Avoid shooting light objects because they will be very bright and the rest of the picture will be dark and it will look bad. If you still want to shoot them, use a tripod and set your camera’s shutter speed on 5 seconds so that the lights don’t move during the shot.

Tips #5: Using a Raw File

People say that shooting in RAW is not necessary for Black and White pictures because you can later add one of the color filters on your photo editing software like Adobe Lightroom to change the colors, but using a RAW file gives you much more freedom for changes.

Tips #6:Try Different Photos

When you shoot people in Black and White try to use three or four different photos of them where they are looking at themselves because it will look strange if the eyes have no color, so one should be smiling, another with a closed mouth, etc.

Tips #7: Shoot Towards the Sun

If you want your photo to have a strong contrast between light and shadows, shoot towards the sun and then edit it such that the sun is not centered in the photo, don’t make it look like a sunflower.

Tips #8: Avoid Shooting at Center

When you shoot an object avoid shooting at its center because there will be less contrast. Ensure that you have strong contrasts between light and shadows so the eye gets pulled to the part you want to show.

Tips # 9: Start with a Small Aperture 

If you like strong contrasts between light and shadows, start with a small aperture (f/16) and then lower it (f/22) until the right amount of contrast appears. If there is no contrast, increase the f-stop, or if too much contrast increase it again.

Tips #10: Increase or Decrease Contrast

In the developing process for RAW files, you can increase or decrease contrast, brightness, etc. You have 100% control over the appearance of your photo so take full advantage of it.

If you follow these Black and White photography tips, you should be able to get really nice photos that will look like they were shot 100 years ago.


I hope you like these Black and White photography tips. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments section below. I would also suggest that you check out our other articles related to photography, photo editing, or digital cameras.

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