Nail Photography Lightbox Tutorial

LightBox For Nail Photography! Nail photography lightboxes are an important tool in the Nail Technician’s kit. The Nail Technician can use these to create stunning shots of their work for promotional material or to decorate nail art on a client’s hand. Nails are delicate and reflect light well, so this is a fantastic way to make them stand out beautifully!

Nail photography is a great way to promote your Nail Salon business. But, it can be difficult to take high-quality photos of the nails in natural light. Nail Photography Light Boxes are one solution for this problem! In this article, we will discuss what they are and how nail salon owners can use them.

Nail Photography Lightbox Tutorial 

Here are some steps for you, on how to use a lightbox for nail photography.


Step 1

For this project, you will need a box (14x14x14 or 18 x18 x18), tissue paper/tracing paper, and scissors. To make your lightbox portable just buy some black duct tape at any hardware store for an easy fix!


Step 2

Now you’re ready to assemble your box, but be careful! Just one end should remain closed while the other remains open for packing materials.


Step 3

When you’re cutting the top and side panels off your box, make sure that they are not tacked down with anything. 


Step 4

With a box cutter, carefully cut windows into one side of your container. Leave about an inch border all around it for stability and protection from the outside elements


Step 5

Repeat the process on all four sides. It can be tricky because you’re weakening your box with every panel that gets cut out, so just take it slow and proceed carefully!


Step 6

To keep the sun out, cut a piece of tissue paper to fit over your window panes and tape it on tightly with some duct, or else go buy something like this.


Step 7

You will now need to repeat step six on all sides of your box.


Step 8

Cut a piece of poster board to be used as the interior background. Cut it so that there is enough room for whatever you would like inside your box, but not too much else! Tape up this whiteboard on top so it doesn’t slip down below when transporting or storing items in general.

When I use my lightbox, all of the shutters in the room are closed. This includes turning on overhead lights as well as lamps and shining a little lamp from Ikea through them onto your photo area for added diffusion effect!


It’s time to start taking pictures!


If you want to take a great photo of your nails, make sure they are in front of the light that’s set up at the top. Nail models know how important it is “to find their light” with faces and hands so both get evenly lit? The same goes for us! Tilt-up towards this bulb doesn’t let any shadow fall across where we’re holding on hand or fingers.”

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