How to Make a Wooden Light Box

How to Make a Wooden Photo Light Box: I’ve had a lot of people ask how to make a wooden lightbox, so I decided to write an article about how to do just that. The question is often asked for how to make one for professional photography or videography purposes, but you can also use this technique in your home. After reading this post, you will be able to create your own custom-made lightbox for any purpose!

A photo lightbox is a great way to add some extra light to your space. It can be used as an area for photography, it’s perfect for reading and writing with an overhead lamp, or even just as a decorative piece to brighten up your living room. In this article, we’ll show you how to make a wooden lightbox!

How to Make a Wooden Light Box

How to Make a Wooden Light Box 

Okay so now it’s time to build your own light-box! Here is what you need:

  • Bathroom cabinet 
  • White fabric 
  • Staple gun and staples
  • Weatherstripping (optional, but recommended)
  • Wire (optional, but recommended)
  • Black gaffers tape (optional, but recommended)

Step 1: Making the Cuts 

Making the Cuts

The first step in building a wood lightbox is cutting all the pieces to size. Then you need to assemble them and install pocket-hole screws so it’s easy! I use this process for each individual frame, which helps me keep everything aligned as well because of how fast things go together when using woodworking jigs like mine – less wasted time on installation that way.

Step 2: Building the Box 

Building the Box

When you’re finished with the frames, there should be 6 of them and one opening piece. This will serve as a backing for your fabric! The other loose end is what we’ll cover next; it’s time to make sure that these ends are secure from any wrinkles or folds by covering them up nicely with our final project.

Building the Box

Once all of the frames are assembled, it’s time to put them together. Take note that when securing one side against another with pocket holes facing out (so you can later fill these), use wood glue for best results! You may either secure using nails or screws depending on what works better in your situation–but don’t forget about safety first because anything pertaining to an eye needs two hands-free at all times!!

Building the Box

Now installing the front of your chest, make sure to pocket holes are facing in. Next secure the top using two screws on each side for extra security.

Did you know that pocket holes are actually on the inside of your trim? You can close up these exposed areas with plugs or wood filler. This will help to maintain a seamless design and avoid any unwanted surprises when it comes time for finishing off this project!

Step 3: Building a Backdrop 

Building a Backdrop

Put together a really quick and simple temporary background. This was made from some pieces of scrap and recycled pallets to give me more options when it comes to taking photos in the future!

Step 4: Adding a Back

Adding a Back

I place a piece of white hardboard 1/4-inch thick behind my subject to use it as a backdrop and also have the opportunity for overhead shots.

Step 5: Setting Up 

 Setting Up

I don’t want to lug around my studio lights every time I need a photo. So making this lightbox will make it easy for me and let’s say that at some point, there are LED panels on the side where you can permanently have lights built into them as well!

Don’t forget about paper poster boards! You could use them for a more modern look.

KEEP IT CLASSY: Pallets and all, you’re good to go with this backdrop just make sure it fits your needs beforehand so that when the time comes there are no surprises or regrets later down the line

Step 6: Shooting


Now, it’s time to shoot your beautiful object. With the lightbox, your photos will have a different look and feel. 


The lightbox is a beautiful and sleek way to display small products. The wood design may cause reflections on certain items, but that can easily be solved with some paint jobs! You can also use a photo lightbox for photography purposes, which gives us a bright electric setup. If you want to buy a photo lightbox then take a look at our site photo lightboxes.

Thank you for reading this post…🙂

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