How to Set Up Light Tent for Small Product Photography

How to Set Up Light Tent for Small Product Photography! Learning how to set up a light tent for small product photography is an important step in the process of creating professional-looking photographs. A light tent, also known as a photo booth, will help you achieve soft lighting on your subject and can be used to take photos of almost anything! 

How do you set up a light tent? This article will show you everything you need to know about how to set up a light tent for small product photography so that your images look professional and sell your products better!

How to Set Up Light Tent for Small Product Photography 2


Find the place of light 

A light tent is a photography setup that reflects light onto the product and captures an image of it. How do you set up a Light Tent for Small Product Photography? The first thing to do is find a space with lots of natural sunlight coming through the windows or skylights. You will need to use lights inside the tent, but they should be off when you are photographing outside in order to avoid glare on your products. 

A light tent is photography equipment that can be used to create professional-looking photographs. It’s actually very simple and inexpensive – all you need is an open space, some fabric or paper (I like using white bedsheets), and something to hold the fabric in place (duct tape works well).

Light Tent photography is a relatively new technique that has been gaining popularity in the past few years. It’s especially ideal for small product photography, as it provides more directional light than other types of lighting setups. How exactly do you set up a Light Tent? Follow these simple steps! 

Simple Steps to Set up Light Tent

1) Set up your tripod and camera on one side of the room or studio. You want to be able to see your entire setup from this vantage point. 

2) Place your background on the opposite end of the room or studio (we recommend using fabric rather than paper). 

3) Cover any windows with black cloth, cardboard, hula hoops, etc., making sure not to let any light leak between them and onto your


Light tents are great tools for people who want to simply show an object and have consistent lighting between photos without having to think about it. It’s perfect for getting shots of things you’re selling online. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Photo Light Box?

Photo lightboxes are mini studios for product photographers. They usually have white or black backgrounds and you can use them to take minimal, professional photos of objects such as perfumes in various settings from different angles with the aid of these boxes which will create an excellent quality image perfect for any occasion – dating sites amongst friends, etc., they’re also great if there’s going to be an official meeting that needs formal shots taken!

What is a Light Tent? 

A light tent or box is a simple and effective contraption that has translucent sides. It diffuses the light coming from multiple sources, so shadows aren’t visible on your subject’s face while also providing nearly shadowless lighting against any solid background – making it perfect for portraiture!

How do you make a light tent?

Fit the inside of your box. So you’re lining the whole inside of the box with the poster board which will give you a nice reflective surface. And that’s pretty much it now for expediency sake.

Why use a light tent?

In the past, before light tents were in existence, photographers would have to set up a studio that was specifically designed to accomplish such work. By using tent kits, lighting for your shots will stay consistent, so you don’t have to worry about overcasts or shooting only when daylight is available.

What are the limitations of the light tent?

Light tents limit creative potential. You simply can’t manipulate light the way you need to when you’re stuck working in a tiny box.